Pratiksha is a non-govt. organization in the gateway of Northeast, Guwahati founded by the vision & mission to empower indigenous women and support their needs. It focuses on developing the potential of women and support their needs. It focuses on developing the potential of women & girls to drive long lasting equitable changes.



Our Vision:

To change lives for better with positive mental health & Well-being



Our Mission:

Holistic approach towards positive mental health by providingsupport, capacity building, vital information, motivation to women in particular and society in general.



Our Objectives:

• To promote Positive mental health

• To teach women to become socially and economically empowered.

• To help people build a more stress free and positive lifestyle & Society

• To provide all people acess to a non-coercive and non-stigmatised psychological counselling

• To create awareness among people on current environmental issues & solutions



Our Key Persons:

Ms Manjusha Deka Saikia, Founder and President of PRATIKSHA is M Sc in Human Development and MA in Psychology and presently pursuing her PhD . By profession a Psychological Counsellor and Guest faculty of Down Town University, Panikhaiti Guwahati. Ms Manjusha has more than 25 years of teaching experience in psychology, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, Family and Child Welfare, Health and Nutrition, Child and Human Development and Psychological Counselling. She has worked in educational institutions as teacher and also as student counsellor. Past experience include planning and executing programs and working at grassroot level in a USAID assisted project undertaken by a local NGO; and was involved with the counselling of trafficked victims. Has more than a decade of experience in staying in interior villages and working for Women Empowerment.


Ms Rumi Chetia, BA, B Ed , is the Programme Co-ordinator and Chief Office Administrator. She has to her credit 15 years of work experience in Office Administration.


Ms Anjumoni Haloi, H.S.

Trained by USHA Intl. Ltd. Affiliated School run by PRATIKSHA.

Teacher/ Production Asst., Skill Development Centre, PRATIKSHA



Ms Korobi Haloi, M.A.
Resource Person, Skill Development Centre
Teacher, Edu-Empower Centre for Children & Adolescents.


Ms Rumi Barua, H.S.
Office Incharge, Community Mobiliser, Incharge- Production & Marketing.



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